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"The mystery of life
 is not a problem to solve
 but a reality to experiment."

David CIUSSI...

...A taste of eternity

"The warrior of the present

finds his glory in the art of making his gesture, not in order to defend himself

but to become himself free."

His testimonial of the sacred is pouring in a spoken language which describes it in a symbolic and accessible way. In his presence, purity and contagion of his essence are unavoidable. This phenomenon puts us face to face with the core of our own source to become ourselves the clear-sighted witness of every second of our life, in order to realize our true inner nature: our permanent sacred free dimension. He brings us on the path with a total lucidity and vigilance to what IS, in the actual, possible and to the moment, "Here and Now".

Exposed to this witness of our origin, our opinions and conceptual beliefs are shaken.

He offers us, by the mean of the well thought and spoken language, the possibility to discover the existence in each of us of a non-conflictual place, independent of others' opinions. In this inner place rests the source, an open interaction to the world, the softness of the heart and the astonishment to be alive.


Today, his direct and concrete living testimonial marks out the inner quest of freedom in every human being. Thus, this man touch us deeply by his benevolence, his requirement for an authentic relation to the world and by is profound human dimension.


Working as an engineer, David Ciussi

business entrepreneur and artist sculptor, has seen his life transformed at the age of 49...


While deepening his experience of the

"Real from the Source", he co-wrote « Rêve d'Eveil » (Éd. Altess, 1997) and then started to give lectures and one on one coaching sessions.


Later on he started to give lectures and personal coaching while touring France and foreign countries such as Canada, Belgium and others.


He lives now in Nice where he works as a consultant in human resources in different departments in several Universities.


David Ciussi is what we can call a realized being, awaken to the incredible miracle of the recovered lost memory of the absolute which is in each of us. David has no school of thoughts or church or movement. He is giving his testimonial and propose what is there.


His style is simple, chocking, and of a rare depth. Far from being concerned by the aesthetic of his words and of the reasoned thought which overwhelm the thinker, David surprises us by his outpourings, his laughs, his rumblings and his silences: authentic expression of a deep intuition and of a presence linked to the mystery of life.

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